The American Kidney Fund’s Summer Enrichment Program

Robert Tarola leads Right Advisory LLC as the Washington, DC-based consulting firm’s president. Outside of his professional pursuits, Robert Tarola serves as treasurer on the national board of trustees of the American Kidney Fund. Mr. Tarola has lived over 32 years with a transplanted kidney from his brother.

In pursuit of its mission to support patients fighting kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund (AKF) oversees a range of programs that provide health education and direct financial assistance. The organization also conducts a program that helps fund summer enrichment activities for children with kidney problems.

AKF’s Summer Enrichment Program provides financial assistance that enables kids in need to attend a summer camp of their choice. Funds supplied through the program, which are limited to $200 per child, can be used to pay for camp tuition, transportation, and supplies.

The program is open to applicants currently undergoing dialysis as well as those who have had a kidney transplant within the last five years. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need based on factors such as income, family size, and liquid assets.


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